15.1.1. REST API

This is the REST API for privacyidea. It lets you create the system configuration, which is denoted in the system endpoints.

Special system configuration is the configuration of

  • the resolvers

  • the realms

  • the defaultrealm

  • the policies.

Resolvers are dynamic links to existing user sources. You can find users in LDAP directories, SQL databases, flat files or SCIM services. A resolver translates a loginname to a user object in the user source and back again. It is also responsible for fetching all additional needed information from the user source.

Realms are collections of resolvers that can be managed by administrators and where policies can be applied.

Defaultrealm is a special endpoint to define the default realm. The default realm is used if no user realm is specified. If a user from realm1 tries to authenticate or is addressed, the notation user@realm1 is used. If the @realm1 is omitted, the user is searched in the default realm.

Policies are rules how privacyidea behaves and which user and administrator is allowed to do what.

Start to read about authentication to the API at Authentication endpoints.

Now you can take a look at the several REST endpoints.