Monitoring endpoints

This endpoint is used fetch monitoring/statistics data

The code of this module is tested in tests/test_api_monitoring.py

GET /monitoring/(stats_key)
GET /monitoring/

return a list of all available statistics keys in the database if no stats_key is specified.

If a stats_key is specified it returns the data of this key. The parameters “start” and “end” can be used to specify a time window, from which the statistics data should be fetched.

GET /monitoring/(stats_key)/last

Get the last value of the stats key

DELETE /monitoring/(stats_key)

Delete the statistics data of a certain stats_key.

You can specify the start date and the end date when to delete the monitoring data. You should specify the dates including the timezone. Otherwise your client could send its local time and the server would interpret it as its own local time which would result in deleting unexpected entries.

You can specify the dates like 2010-12-31 22:00+0200