3. First Steps

You installed privacyIDEA successfully according to Installation and created an administrator using the command pi-manage admin as e.g. described in Ubuntu Packages.

These first steps will guide you through the tasks of logging in to the management web UI, attaching your first users and enrolling the first token.

After these first steps you will be able to start attaching applications to privacyIDEA in order to add two factor authentication to those applications. You can

  • use a PAM module to authenticate with OTP at SSH or local login
  • or the RADIUS plugin to configure your firewall or VPN to use OTP,
  • or use an Apache2 plugin to do Basic Authentication with OTP.
  • You can also setup different web applications to use OTP.

To attach applications read the chapter Application Plugins.

You may also go on reading the chapter Configuration to get a deeper insight in the configuration possibilities.