3.2. Creating your first realm


When the administrator logs in and no useridresolver and no realm is defined, a popup appears, which asks you to create a default realm. During these first steps you may say “No”, to get a better understanding.

Users in privacyIDEA are read from existing sources. See Realms for more information.

In these first steps we will simply read the users from your /etc/passwd file.

3.2.1. Create a UserIdResolver

The UserIdResolver is the connector to the user source. For more information see UserIdResolvers.

  • Go to Config -> Users to create a UserIdResolver.

Create the first UserIdResolver

  • Choose New passwdresolver and
  • Enter the name “myusers”.
  • Save it.

Create the first UserIdResolver

You just created your first connection to a user source.

3.2.2. Create a Realm

User sources are grouped togeather to a so called “realm”. For more information see Realms.

  • Go to Config -> Realms
  • Enter “realm1” as the new realm name and select the priority 1.
  • Check the resolver “myusers” to be included into this realm.
  • Save it.

Create the first Realm

  • Go to Users and you will see the users from the /etc/passwd.

The users from /etc/passwd

Congratulation! You created your first realm.

You are now ready to enroll a token to a user. Read Enrolling your first token.