16.2. How can I create users in the privacyIDEA Web UI?

So you installed privacyIDEA and want to enroll tokens to the users and are wondering how to create users.

privacyIDEA can read users from different existing sources like LDAP, SQL, flat files and SCIM.

You very much likely already have an application (like your VPN or a Web Application…) for which you want to increase the logon security. Then this application already knows users. Either in an LDAP or in an SQL database. Most web applications keep their users in a (My)SQL database. And you also need to create users in this very user database for the user to be able to use this application.

Please read the sections UserIdResolvers and Users for more details.

But you also can define and editable SQL resolver. I.e. you can edit and create new users in an SQL user store.

If you do not have an existing SQL database with users, you can simple create a new database with one table for the users and according rows.