Register endpoints

This module contains the REST API for registering as a new user. This endpoint can be used without any authentication, since a new user can register.

The methods are tested in the file tests/test_api_register.py

GET /register

This endpoint returns the information if registration is allowed or not. This is used by the UI to either display the registration button or not.

Return:JSON with value=True or value=False
POST /register

Register a new user in the realm/userresolver. To do so, the user resolver must be writeable like an SQLResolver.

Registering a user in fact creates a new user and also creates the first token for the user. The following values are needed to register the user:

  • username (mandatory)
  • givenname (mandatory)
  • surname (mandatory)
  • email address (mandatory)
  • password (mandatory)
  • mobile phone (optional)
  • telephone (optional)

The user receives a registration token via email to be able to login with his self chosen password and the registration token.

JSON Parameters:
  • username – The login name of the new user. Check if it already exists
  • givenname – The givenname of the new user
  • surname – The surname of the new user
  • email – The email address of the new user
  • password – The password of the new user. This is the resolver password of the new user.
  • mobile – The mobile phone number
  • phone – The phone number (land line) of the new user

a json result with a boolean “result”: true