16.7. Setup translation

The translation is performed using grunt. To setup the translation environment do:

npm update -g npm
# install grunt cli in system
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

# install grunt in project directory
npm install grunt --save-dev
# Install grunt gettext plugin
npm install grunt-angular-gettext --save-dev

This will create a subdirectory node_modules.

To simply run the German translation do:

make translate

If you want to add a new language like Spanish do:

cd po
msginit -l es
cd ..
grunt nggettext_extract
msgmerge po/es.po po/template.pot > po/tmp.po; mv po/tmp.po po/es.po

Now you can start translating with your preferred tool:

poedit po/es.po

Finally you can add the translation to the javascript translation file privacyidea/static/components/translation/translations.js:

grunt nggettext_compile


Please ask to add this translation to the Make directive translation or issue a pull request.