12.3. Tools

privacyIDEA comes with a list of command line tools, which also help to automate tasks.

12.3.1. privacyidea-token-janitor

Starting with version 2.19 privacyIDEA comes with a token janitor script. This script can find orphaned tokens, unused tokens or tokens of specific type, description or token info.

It can unassign, delete or disable those tokens and it can set additional tokeninfo or descriptions.

If you are unsure to directly delete orphaned tokens, because there might be a glimpse in the connection to your user store, you could as well in a first step mark the orphaned tokens. A day later you could run the script again and delete those tokens, which are (still) orphaned and marked.

12.3.2. privacyidea-get-unused-tokens

The script privacyidea-get-unused-tokens allows you to search for tokens, which were not used for authentication for a while. These tokens can be listed, disabled, marked or deleted.

You can specify how old the last authentication of such a token has to be. You can use the tags h (hours), d (day) and y (year). Sepcifying 180d will find tokens, that were not used for authentication for the last 180 days.

The command

privacyidea-get-unused-tokens disable 180d

will disable those tokens.

This script can be well used with the Script Handler Module.