SSHKey Token

class privacyidea.lib.tokens.sshkeytoken.SSHkeyTokenClass(db_token)[source]

The SSHKeyTokenClass provides a TokenClass that stores the public SSH key and can give the public SSH key via the getotp function. This can be used to manage SSH keys and retrieve the public ssh key to import it to authorized keys files.

static get_class_info(key=None, ret='all')[source]

returns a subtree of the token definition

  • key (string) – subsection identifier
  • ret (user defined) – default return value, if nothing is found

subsection if key exists or user defined

Return type:


static get_class_prefix()[source]
static get_class_type()[source]

returns the public SSH key

Returns:SSH pub key
Return type:string
mode = ['authenticate']

The key holds the public ssh key and this is required

The key probably is of the form “ssh-rsa BASE64 comment”

using_pin = False