Email Token

class privacyidea.lib.tokens.emailtoken.EmailTokenClass(aToken)[source]

Implementation of the EMail Token Class, that sends OTP values via SMTP. (Similar to SMSTokenClass)

check_otp(anOtpVal, counter=None, window=None, options=None)[source]

check the otpval of a token against a given counter and the window

Parameters:passw (string) – the to be verified passw/pin
Returns:counter if found, -1 if not found
Return type:int
create_challenge(transactionid=None, options=None)[source]

create a challenge, which is submitted to the user

  • transactionid – the id of this challenge
  • options – the request context parameters / data

tuple of (bool, message and data) bool, if submit was successful message is submitted to the user data is preserved in the challenge attributes - additional attributes, which are displayed in the


static get_class_info(key=None, ret='all')[source]

returns all or a subtree of the token definition

  • key (string) – subsection identifier
  • ret (user defined) – default return value, if nothing is found

subsection if key exists or user defined

:rtype : s.o.

static get_class_prefix()[source]
static get_class_type()[source]

return the generic token class identifier

is_challenge_request(passw, user=None, options=None)[source]

check, if the request would start a challenge

We need to define the function again, to get rid of the is_challenge_request-decorator of the HOTP-Token

  • passw – password, which might be pin or pin+otp
  • options – dictionary of additional request parameters

returns true or false

classmethod test_config(params=None)[source]
update(param, reset_failcount=True)[source]

update - process initialization parameters

Parameters:param (dict) – dict of initialization parameters