15.1. Customization

15.1.1. Templates

You can change the HTML views of the web UI by standard means of the Apache webserver.

All html views are contained in:


If you want to change the look and feel of the UI, we recommend to define rewrite rules in the webserver. You should create a directory like /etc/privacyidea/customization/ and put your modified views in there. This way you can avoid that your changes get overwritten by a system update.

In the Apache configuration you can add entries like:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule "/static/components/login/views/login.html"  \

and apply all required changes to the file mylogin.html.


Of course - if there are functional enhancements or bug fixes in the original templates - your template will also not be affected by these.

15.1.2. Themes

You can create your own CSS file to adapt the look and feel of the Web UI. The default CSS is the bootstrap CSS theme. Using PI_CSS you can specify the URL of your own CSS file. The default CSS file url is /static/contrib/css/bootstrap-theme.css. The file in the file system is located at privacyidea/static/contrib/css. You might add a directory privacyidea/static/custom/css/ and add your CSS file there.

A good stating point might be the themes at http://bootswatch.com.


If you add your own CSS file, the file bootstrap-theme.css will not be loaded anymore. So you might start with a copy of the original file.