4.3.1. User Details

When clicking on a username, you can see the users details and perform several actions on the user.


User Details.

You see a list of the users tokens and change to the Functionality of the Tokens view. Enroll tokens

In the users details view you can enroll additional tokens to the user. In the enrollment dialog the user will be selected and you only need to choose what tokentype you wish to enroll for this user. Assign tokens

You can assign a new, already existing token to the user. Just start typing the token serial number. The system will search for tokens, that are not assigned yet and present you a list to choose from. View Audit Log

You can also click View user in Audit log which will take you to the Audit log with a filter on this very user, so that you will only see audit entries regarding this user. Edit user

If the user is located in a resolver, that is marked as editable, the administrator will also see a button “Edit User”. To read more about this, see Manage Users.