Questionnaire Token

The administrator can define a list of questions and also how many answers to the questions a user needs to define.

During enrollment of such a questionnaire type token, the user answers at least as many questions as specified by the administrator with answers only he knows.


This token is a challenge response token. During authentication the user gives the token PIN before he is presented with a random question to which he defined the answer during the token rollout.


By default, no questions are defined, so the administrator has to setup those in “Config->Tokens->Questionnaire” before a questionnaire token can be rolled out successfully.


If the administrator changes the questions after a token was enrolled, the enrolled token still works with the old questions and answers. I.e. an enrolled token is not affected by changing the questions by the administrator.


As for all token, it is not changed after the rollout (see above note), so a change of the answers of an existing token is not possible.