7.8. Policy Templates

Policy templates are defined in a Github repository which can be changed using a WebUI policy policy_template_url. The templates are fetched from the given repository URL during runtime.


The policy templates are json files, which can contain common settings, that can be used to start your own polices. When creating a new policy, you can select an existing policy template as a starting point.

You may also fork the github repository and commit pull request to improve the policy templates. Or you may fork the github repository and use your own policy template URL for your policy templates.

A policy templates looks like this:

 "name": "template_name1",
 "scope": "enrollment",
 "action": {
            "tokenlabel": "<u>@<r>/<s>",
            "autoassignment": true

realms, resolver and clients are not used in the templates.

A template must be referenced in a special index.json file:

  "template_name1": "description1",
  "template_name2": "description2"

where the key is the name of the template file and the value is a description displayed in the WebUI.