9.1.2. EventCounter

The Event Counter task module can be used with the Periodic Tasks to create time series of certain events. An event could be a failed authentication request. Using the Event Counter, privacyIDEA can create graphs that display the development of failed authentication requests over time.

To do this, the Event Counter task module reads a counter value from the database table EventCounter and adds this current value in a time series in the database table MonitoringStats. As the administrator can use the event handler Counter Handler Module to record any arbitrary event under any condition, this task module can be used to graph any metrics in privacyIDEA, be it failed authentication requests per time unit, the number of token delete requests or the number of PIN resets per month. Options

The Event Counter task module provides the following options:


This is the name of the event counter key, that was defined in a Counter Handler Module definition and that is read from the database table EventCounter.


This is the name of the statistics key that is written to the MonitoringStats database table. The event counter key stores the current number of counted events, the stats_key takes the current number and stores it with the timestamp as a time series.


This is a boolean value. If it is set to true (the checkbox is checked), then the event counter will be reset to zero, after the task module has read the key.

Resetting the the event counter results in a time series of “events per time interval”. The time interval is specified by the time interval in which the Event Counter task module is called. If reset_event_counter is not checked, then the event handler will continue to increase the counter value. Use this, if you want to create a time series, that displays the absolute number of events.