Paper Token

class privacyidea.lib.tokens.papertoken.PaperTokenClass(db_token)[source]

The Paper Token allows to print out the next e.g. 100 OTP values. This sheet of paper can be used to authenticate and strike out the used OTP values.

This creates a new Paper token object from a DB token object.


db_token (orm object) – instance of the orm db object

static get_class_info(key=None, ret='all')[source]

returns a subtree of the token definition

  • key (string) – subsection identifier

  • ret (user defined) – default return value, if nothing is found


subsection if key exists or user defined

Return type

dict or scalar

static get_class_prefix()[source]

Return the prefix, that is used as a prefix for the serial numbers. :return: PPR

static get_class_type()[source]

return the token type shortname



Return type


is_multichallenge_enrollable = False
update(param, reset_failcount=True)[source]

process the initialization parameters

Do we really always need an otpkey? the otpKey is handled in the parent class :param param: dict of initialization parameters :type param: dict