16.9. MySQL database connect string

You can use the python package MySQL-python or PyMySQL.

PyMySQL is a pure python implementation. MySQL-python is a wrapper for a C implementation. I.e. when installing MySQL-python your python virtualenv, you also need to install packages like python-dev and libmysqlclient-dev.

Depending on whether you are using MySQL-python or PyMySQL you need to specify different connect strings in SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI.

16.9.1. MySQL-python

connect string: mysql://u:p@host/db Installation

Install a package libmysqlclient-dev from your distribution. The name may vary depending on which distribution you are running:

pip install MySQL-python

16.9.2. PyMySQL

connect string: pymysql://u:p@host/db Installation

Install in your virtualenv:

pip install pymysql-sa
pip install PyMySQL