5.10.10. Yubikey AES mode

The Yubico AES mode uses the same kind of token as the Yubico Cloud service but validates the OTP in your local privacyIDEA server. So the secrets stay local to your system and are not stored in Yubico’s Cloud service.


Configure the Yubikey AES mode

You can have more than one Client with a Client ID connect to your server. The Client ID starts with yubikey.apiid. and is followed by the API ID, which you’ll need to configure your clients. With Create new API key you generate a new API key for that specific Client ID. The API key is used to sign the validation request sent to the server and the server signs the answer too. That way, tampering or MITM attacks might be detected. It is possible to validate token without the API key, but then the request and answer can’t be verified against the key. It is useful to use HTTPS for your validation requests, but this is another kind of protection.

OTP validation can either use the privacyidea API /validate/check or the Yubikey validation protocol /ttype/yubikey or - if enabled in your web-server configuration - /wsapi/2.0/verify.

More information about the Yubikey OTPs can be found at developers.yubico.com