5.10.6. U2F Token Config AppId

You need to configure the AppId of the privacyIDEA server. The AppId is defined in the FIDO specification 1.

The AppId is the URL of your privacyIDEA and used to find or create the right key pair on the U2F device. The AppId must correspond to the URL that is used to call the privacyIDEA server.


if you register a U2F device with an AppId https://privacyidea.example.com and try to authenticate at i.e., the U2F authentication will fail.


The AppId must not contain any trailing slashes! Facets

If specifying the AppId as the FQDN you will only be able to authenticate at the privacyIDEA server itself or at any application in a sub directory on the privacyIDEA server. This is OK if you are running a SAML IdP on the same server.

But if you also want to use the U2F token with other applications, you need to specify the AppId like this:


pi-url is the path, if you are running the privacyIDEA instance in a sub folder.

/ttype/u2f is the endpoint that returns a trusted facets list. Trusted facets are other hosts in the domain example.com. You need to define a policy that contains a list of the other hosts (u2f_facets).

For more information on AppId and trusted facets see 2.

For further details and information on how to add U2F to your application you can see the code documentation at U2F Token. Workflow

You can use a U2F token on privacyIDEA and other hosts in the same Domain. To do so you need to do the following steps:

  1. Configure the AppId to reflect your privacyIDEA server:


    Adding the path /ttype/u2f is crucial. Otherwise privacyIDEA will not return the trusted facets.

  2. Define a policy with the list of trusted facets. (see u2f_facets). Add the FQDNs of the hosts to the policy:

    saml.your-network.com otherapp.your-network.com vpn.your-network.com


    The privacyIDEA plugin for simpleSAMLphp supports U2F with privacyIDEA starting with version 2.8.

  3. Now register a U2F token on https://pi.your-network.com. Due to the trusted facets you will also be able to use this U2F token on the other hosts.

  4. Now got to https://saml.your-network.com and you will be able to authenticate with the very U2F token without any further registering.