5.9. Service IDs

privacyIDEA uses Service IDs to identify service. The idea is instead of identifying each and every single host by hostname or IP address, privacyIDEA can e.g. identify all “web servers” or “mail servers”. The administrator can define these Services IDs. privacyIDEA provides the REST API Service ID endpoints to do so.

A service ID can then be used to e.g. attach an SSH key to such a service ID instead of attaching the SSH key to a lot of different IP addresses. See SSH

Service IDs are also used with Application Specific Password Token.

Clients communicating with privacyIDEA can then send the a parameter service_id in an authentication request for application specific tokens or in the request that fetches allowed SSH keys.


A Service ID is simply an identifier. privacyIDEA does not provide means to change the name of the Service ID later.