TAN Token

(added in version 2.23)

The token type tan is related to the Paper Token (PPR).

In contrast to the paper token, a user can use the OTP values of a tan token in any arbitrary order.

A tan token can either be initialized with random OTP values. In this case the HOTP mechanism is used. Or it can be initialized or imported with a dedicated list of TANs.

After enrollment, you are prompted to print the generated TAN list.

../../_images/enroll_tan2.png Import of TAN token

The import schema for TAN tokens via the OATH CSV file look like this:

<serial>, <seed>, tan, <white space separated list of tans>

The TANs are located in the 4th column. TANs are separated by blanks or whitespaces. The <seed> is not used with a TAN token. You can leave this blank or set to any (not used) value.