Day Password Token

Starting with version 3.9 privacyIDEA supports a password token with arbitrary time periods.

The day password token is a modification of the TOTP. The difference between the TOTP and the day password token is, that the OTP value of the day password token can be used more then once. For example you can use the day password token as a daily changing password. Since the day password token is based on the TOTP, it works using the same algorithm described in RFC6238.


The time period is always evaluated in UTC, thus a 24h time step means the OTP is valid from 00:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC. In a UTC+2 environment the OTP is valid from 02:00 until 01:59. With odd time steps like 7h the validity period does not always start at 00:00 UTC. Enrollment

During enrollment of the token a QR code will be created to scan with a supported authenticator app.

The day password token can only be enrolled with an authenticator app that supports TOTP token with arbitrary time periods.


The link in the QR code looks like this:

otpauth://daypassword/DYPW0000536F?secret=<base32 encoded secret>&issuer=privacyIDEA&algorithm=SHA256&digits=6&period=86400

The day password token algorithm can be adjusted with the following parameters: - The time step size for the generated OTP values - The length of the OTP value (6/8) - The hashing algorithm used in the OTP calculation (SHA1/SHA256/SHA512)

To configure the default settings for the token, you can use the corresponding user or admin policies for timestep, hashlib and otplen.

The day password token implements the authenticate mode. With a suitable challenge_response policy, it may also be used in the challenge mode.

The enrollment is the same as described in TOTP. However, when enrolling DayPassword token, you can specify an arbitrary time step size.