8.6.9. Custom User Attribute Handler Module

The custom user attribute handler module allows the administrator to set or delete custom user attributes automatically. A specific event can thus set or delete a custom user attribute without any further intervention of the administrator or helpdesk. To learn more about custom user attributes please check out Additional user attributes


This event handler can also set attributes that can’t be set or deleted manually by the administrator or the helpdesk users. Possible Actions set_custom_user_attributes

This action sets a custom user attribute on a certain event.

The action takes the options attrkey, attrvalue and user.

attrkey and attrvalue can take fixed values. The custom user attribute with the name from attrkey will then be set to the value of attrvalue.

With the user option, the custom user attribute can either be set for the acting, logged in user or for the user on whom the administrator is acting on.

For example if a user failed to login too many times, the eventhandler can automatically set the custom attribute “this user has login problems”. delete_custom_user_attributes

This action deletes a custom user attribute on a certain event.

This event handler action takes the options attrkey and user as described above.

For example you could set a custom user attribute on the token enrollment process, that indicates, that this is a new user and set a custom user attribute to “new user”. On the first successful login this custom user attribute could be automatically deleted using this event handler action.