5.10.9. Yubico Cloud mode

The Yubico Cloud mode sends the One Time Password emitted by the Yubikey to the Yubico Cloud service or another (possibly self hosted) validation server.


Configure the Yubico Cloud mode

To contact the Yubico Cloud service you need to get an API key and a Client ID from Yubico and enter them here in the config dialog. In that case you can leave the Yubico URL blank and privacyIDEA will use the Yubico servers.

You can use another validation host, e.g. a self hosted validation server. If you use the privacyIDEA token type Yubikey, you can use the URL https://<privacyideaserver>/ttype/yubikey, other validation servers might use https://<validationserver>/wsapi/2.0/verify. You’ll get the Client ID and API key from the configuration of your validation server.

You can get your own API key at 1.